What Were They Thinking?

Read – Luke 17:11-19

I have been thinking about the ten lepers that Jesus healed. I began wondering what the ten lepers were thinking after they realized they were healed. The Bible only tells us what one of the ten did. Preachers ponder and preach these scenarios and I bet we all muse over the way it might have gone down. Here’s what each leper might have been thinking on their way to show themselves to the priest…

“I‘m going to hang out at the temple and never leave. I’ll be safe there.”

“My first book deal. I sense a best seller. I’ll be rich.”

“Now I can party with those chicks I always see hanging around the temple.”

“Why should I go show myself to a priest? That’s never been my thing.”

“Now it’s all about me.”

“My skin is looks ok but I know a doctor near the temple who can work wonders.”

“I knew my positive attitude would make it all work out my way.”

“I’m going to be the next American Idol.”

“I need to be appointed to public office to keep all lepers off the streets.”

“I must run back and fall on my face at the feet of God to worship Him and give Him thanks.”


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