Hello Again…

I have been encouraged by a friend to start blogging again. It’s not that I haven’t had anything to say. I’ve been busy. Our church has started projecting slides during worship services. We project the hymns, liturgy, scriptures, and other content. I have been creating the content and projecting the slides for worship services.

I want to freely offer some of the slides I have created over the past year to anyone involved in projected images/slides for worship services. 

Here is the link and I welcome your comments. CLICK HERE 

These are my original © copyrighted images but free to use for the glory of God.


2 Responses to Hello Again…

  1. Thank you for all that you do for the glory of God and the spreading of the gospel to a culture that has so many conflicting messages about life and living. With the people of God, with the help of God, proclaiming the “good news” of Jesus Christ to this generation, our society has nothing but fruit of the Spirit(Galatioans 5;22-23) can be the outcome, because God’s word (when given out in love) shall not return void.

  2. Scott says:

    Just scanned through Luther’s 95 thesis. A great reminder of God’s everlasting love for us. Where the chains of death have been broken and all the indulgences have been paid in full at the cross, for those who receive and believe that Jesus died for their sins. What a awesome thing to be able to grasp. Sorry, I haven’t seen or talked to you in a while, yes, I am also pretty busy.

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