The More Things Change The More They Stay The Same

I ran across this hymn by Martin Luther. As you read the hymn you will see why I titled this post the way I did.

“O Lord, Look Down from Heaven, Behold”
by Martin Luther, 1483-1546

1. O Lord, look down from heaven, behold
And let Thy pity waken:
How few are we within Thy Fold,
Thy saints by men forsaken!
True faith seems quenched on every hand,
Men suffer not Thy Word to stand;
Dark times have us o’ertaken.

2. With fraud which they themselves invent
Thy truth they have confounded;
Their hearts are not with one consent
On Thy pure doctrine grounded.
While they parade with outward show,
They lead the people to and fro,
In error’s maze astounded.

3. May God root out all heresy
And of false teachers rid us
Who proudly say: “Now, where is he
That shall our speech forbid us?
By right or might we shall prevail;
What we determine cannot fail;
We own no lord and master.”

4. Therefore saith God, “I must arise,
The poor My help are needing;
To Me ascend My people’s cries,
And I have heard their pleading.
For them My saving Word shall fight
And fearlessly and sharply smite,
The poor with might defending.”

5. As silver tried by fire is pure
From all adulteration,
So through God’s Word shall men endure
Each trial and temptation.
Its light beams brighter through the cross,
And, purified from human dross,
It shines through every nation.

6. Thy truth defend, O God, and stay
This evil generation;
And from the error of their way
Keep Thine own congregation.
The wicked everywhere abound
And would Thy little flock confound;
But Thou art our Salvation.


3 Responses to The More Things Change The More They Stay The Same

  1. Patrick says:

    Thanks for posting that hymn!

    • 1517ad says:

      Pastor Pat,

      I had never heard that hymn before. I applies to today as much as it did in Martin’s day.

      Did you see the link I added for your sermons?

      I have listened to over a dozen and it is all good stuff. I also enjoyed the five messages you suggested from Galatians. That is Law and Gospel 101. It is very good.

      I am blessed that God has caused out paths to cross under His cross.


  2. Patrick says:


    Thanks for the links… I’m humbled and honored. I too am grateful for the ‘crossing’ of our paths.


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