About 1517 AD

I am not a pastor. I am not a teacher. I am not a writer. I guess I could say I ‘m a jack of many trades but master of none. I know that I am a sinner saved by God’s mercy and unmerited favor. I am thankful for that fact each day of my life. 

I was born (1951) and baptized Lutheran. After confirmation I left the Lutheran church, but God never left me. After returning from Vietnam in 1972 (USMC) I was feeling a “hunger” for spiritual things. I started reading and studying the Bible. I wouldn’t pass up an opportunity to attend a Bible study and my pocket New Testament (Thank You Gideons International) was with me at all times. I had a desire to serve God with all of my heart. I went back to the Lutheran church. Liberalism had invaded the church at that time and I saw nothing of the Christian spirit that was exemplified by Martin Luther. I thought that perhaps I would feel at home in another denomination. After many years of moving all around the “Christian map” and being disappointed by each denomination’s “pet doctrine” or as I call it “doctrine du jour” I gravitated back to the Lutheran church. Being apprehensive and not content to take only the word of a pastor, I searched my Lutheran roots going back to Martin Luther’s writings. I also met a Lutheran pastor who loved God and had the highest respect for Martin Luther and the conservative Lutheran traditions. As time passed I once again realized the depths and richness of our brother Martin Luther’s contribution to Christians of his day and even to us today. That is why I use the phrase “Christian By God’s Grace… Lutheran By Choice.” Each day I desire to grow in God’s wonderful grace and love. I will do so with the help of God.

I also have a 1517 AD website so that per chance someone might find it and be helped.


10 Responses to About 1517 AD

  1. Mike Smith says:

    Great site! “Lutheran by choice”. I really like that because its more the truth than anyone could possibly imagine.

    Mike +

  2. John says:

    I really don’t think you were baptzed a Lutheran. You might have been baptized in a Lutheran Church, or by a Lutheran Pastor. But I think you were baptized a Christian.

  3. plainlutheran says:

    Excellent Site! I look forward to following your blog as I’ve really enjoyed what I’ve read so far.

  4. Boyce Belt says:

    Thanks for the information.

  5. Patrick says:


    I’m writing to ask for forgiveness or permission for using your graphic… I love it and have included it on the top of a page on my church website called “Why Lutheran?”

    If you object to its use, I will remove it… I’m hoping you will give me permission.

    In Christ,


    here is the site: http://www.livingfaithcapecoral.com/WhyLutheran.html

    • 1517ad says:

      Pastor Patrick,

      Full permission granted! I also have the banners in liturgical colors for the church seasons. I have attached all of the banners. You are welcome to use them and pass them on. The banners were created from a lamb graphic I created and from a photograph of a picture of Martin Luther that hangs in my computer room.

      All I would ask, if you will, is a recommendation from you on a good reading or sermon on law and gospel that has blessed your life. I am not a theologian so something on the layman level would be great. I have Walther’s Law and Gospel but I wanted to read something a little more basic before I started in on the heavy stuff. I just bought John T Pless’ Handling the Work of Truth.

      May God bless you in His service.

      Byron Lovering http://www.lovering.com

  6. Patrick says:


    I keep trying to submit a reply but it doesn’t appear. Email me.


  7. 1517ad says:

    I emailed you the banners.

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