I Really Need To Hear The Gospel

Life is worth living when God has poured out His Grace and you have a sense of that Grace no matter what you are going through. I felt a need to blog because during the last sermon series at my Lutheran church I did not hear enough Gospel. When you spend 6 days and 23 hours outside the place where the sacraments are administered you really need the strong work of the Gospel to take place during that one hour you are in the Divine Service. The last four weeks the series “Living In HD” sounded like Dr. Phil giving me a sales pitch at my local Best Buy store. Don’t get me wrong. I very much respect my pastor and he has preached some fantastic Law and Gospel messages. I just know who I am deep inside and how much I need God’s Grace every minute of every day. I can’t decide to go “High Definition” on my own. It does not get “clearer, bolder, and brighter” just because I make a bold declaration to make it so. At that point, for me, it becomes a total mess because I am looking inward at myself and not the the Cross of Christ. If I don’t focus my gaze on Christ I am going down. Lutheran pastors please preach a strong Law and Gospel message every Sunday. The Christian in the pew can get all the worldly advice he needs from almost anywhere but he can only receive Life at the feet of Jesus.


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